Speed up the hiring process by streamlining candidate communication

Send automated or real-time texts and emails to improve the candidate experience, keep candidates engaged, and hire the best people.

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Use texting to reach top candidates faster.

We live in a mobile world—while emails have a time and place, many candidates prefer texts. Send texts and emails right from the platform, viewing both types of message side-by-side in candidate profiles. 

Boost your efficiency with automation.

A custom, drag-and-drop hiring pipeline lets you see where every candidate is in the hiring process. When candidates move through the pipeline, stage actions automatically alert them with a text or email. Candidates stay informed of their progress, and you rest easy knowing that no one gets ghosted.

Personalize the hiring process.

Add a personal touch to your candidate experience by asking for your candidates’ preferred method of communication. Quickly toggle between text and email to best fit the type of message you’re sending. Save time by using a pre-built or custom template, or type out your own response.

Keep up with every conversation.

With a unified messaging inbox, you’ll never miss a message. For a more personal view, click into a candidate’s profile to see every message you’ve ever exchanged with them—both emails and texts collected into a seamless conversation history.

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It’s made the hiring process a lot more collaborative and more fun for everyone. First, the ability to add emoji reactions for candidates is one of my favorite things. But the commenting feature is also so useful—the ability to put everything in one place for a candidate. We don’t have to go back and have a meeting after the panel interview for round two, because everything’s all in Eddy.

The Ladder Method
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Eddy was the first and best solution for us in solving the spiderweb of candidates at varying stages of the hiring process. Due to the rapid growth of our company, the tracking of candidates was out of control. Many candidates were lost in the process, disappointed in the untimely responses and the hiring team felt unprofessional. Eddy enabled us to get organized, to move candidates along the process more smoothly, and to hire the right people in the right positions.

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My biggest love in the whole ATS is the automated email system. When I’ve been a candidate in the past, I didn’t like when I’d go days and days without an update from the recruiter. So what I really appreciate about this process is that when I move a candidate to the next step in the pipeline, they get an automatic email which I set up that tells them ‘Hey, this is what’s going on.

The Ladder Method

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