Employee Data and Documents

Organize work contacts in a company-wide employee directory

Make it simple for employees to get in touch with their coworkers

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Help your people stay connected.

The employee directory allows employees to stay in touch more easily. They can filter and search by department, location, and name to quickly find who they’re looking for. 

Provide the right amount of information.

In the directory, employees see each team member’s photo, work phone number and email, position and department, direct reports, manager, and start date. If someone is uncomfortable sharing their contact information, you can choose to hide it.

Quickly navigate to employee profiles.

By clicking on an employee in the directory, managers and admins (but never other employees) can view their profile. Here, you’ll find everything from job details to documents, performance notes, and PTO balances. Learn more about employee profiles.

Choose your view.

Display the directory in the way you prefer by toggling between list view and grid view.

Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

I use [Eddy] for tracking documents, keeping track of people and putting information in. I’m big on documentation, so whenever someone’s having performance issues, I track those things in the admin tab for the employee.

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Eddy is user friendly, clean, not cluttered, and has the features that we needed the most – time tracking, time off management, important document management/storage. It has a simple employee portal that’s easy to use.

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I like the profiles of the employees! It is fantastic to have access to this data and so easy to digest it.


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