Employee Data and Documents

Keep important people information safe and organized in employee profiles

Profiles are the central location for all your employee data. 

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Looking for employee information? Go to the source of all knowledge.

Employee profiles contain everything you need to know about your people. There, you’ll find personal and contact information, job details, signed documents, hours logged, PTO balances, and more. 

Make life easier with employee self-service.

Employees have access to their personal profile information—they can even make some changes on their own, like updating contact details. Less back-and-forth for you, more transparency for them: it’s a win-win!

Keep personal data private.

Sensitive information is only visible to those with the right permissions, such as admins or managers. Employees can never view their coworkers’ profiles.

Track performance with custom notes.

The note feature can be used for anything from performance reviews to progress plans. Making a note on an employee’s profile is as simple as writing a title, adding some body text, and attaching a document (if you choose).

Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

I use [Eddy] for tracking documents, keeping track of people and putting information in. I’m big on documentation, so whenever someone’s having performance issues, I track those things in the admin tab for the employee.

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They can go in and clearly see what their PTO that they have remaining is. They can go in and update their profile if they have an address change. If they want a different profile picture, they have access to go do that.

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I like the profiles of the employees! It is fantastic to have access to this data and so easy to digest it.


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