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Keep employee information secure with digital document management

Digitize your filing cabinet, say goodbye to spreadsheets, and save hours every week.

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Store essential documents digitally.

I-9s, W-4s, non-compete agreements, employee handbook acknowledgements—your employees have a lot to sign. Instead of filing away paper copies, store documents in Eddy so you can view them anytime.

Make any document fillable and signable.

Upload a document to Eddy, then add custom text fields where workers can sign, initial, or add information. Organize your templates in folders so it’s easy to find them.

Give employees access to their signed documents.

Once someone has signed a document, it will be linked to their employee profile. They can review their files and forms when it’s convenient for them, and you have more time for what matters most.

Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

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Installing and getting employees used to a new software is challenging, but Eddy’s team were amazing. They have continued to help us through the process and as a new team ourselves, they’ve been patient and helpful when we have shifted our needs during the process.

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I use [Eddy] for tracking documents, keeping track of people and putting information in. I’m big on documentation, so whenever someone’s having performance issues, I track those things in the admin tab for the employee.

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I like the profiles of the employees! It is fantastic to have access to this data and so easy to digest it.


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