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Streamline your PTO policies and time off requests

Make it easy for your people to request the paid time off they need.

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Create custom PTO Policies—as many as you need.

Build PTO policies that are flexible enough to fit your needs. No matter what type of PTO plan you choose, it only takes a few minutes to create a policy and add employees.

Quickly respond to time off requests.

When an employee puts in a request for time off, managers receive a notification through the app, email, or both. After looking over the request, they can approve or deny it with a single click.

Provide easy access to PTO balances.

Employees can view PTO balances in their profiles (they’re calculated automatically), as well as pending requests, approved requests, and time off history. And fewer PTO questions from employees means fewer interruptions to your workday.

Coordinate workflows with a company-wide time off calendar.

Add a level of transparency to your business with an in-platform time off calendar. Employees, admins, and managers can see when coworkers have scheduled time off so they can plan workflow schedules around it.

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It is so easy for me to see, when someone says, ‘Hey, how much time do I have left to use?’ Boom. It’s just right there. It’s really simple.

Xima Software

They can go in and clearly see what their PTO that they have remaining is. They can go in and update their profile if they have an address change. If they want a different profile picture, they have access to go do that.


It would be a nightmare having to keep up with PTO [without Eddy]. And so the fact that our team members can see at any time how much time they've accrued and then make requests for time off, either paid or unpaid, is really important.

Bean Family Enterprises

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