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Eddy’s team of experts can handle your payroll so you don’t have to.

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While our full-service payroll software helps you run payroll in minutes, reduce errors, and stay compliant, your small business might need an even simpler solution. With Eddy-managed payroll, our team of experts will run your payroll from start to finish. 

Rely on our team of payroll professionals

Eddy's team of payroll experts has over 40 years combined experience dealing with small business payroll. They’ll make sure your company stays compliant with ever-changing state, local, and federal laws and regulations.

Each member of Eddy’s payroll team will take the time to get to know you personally. That means they’ll remember your name, learn about your business, treat you with consideration and respect, and quickly respond to calls and emails. Sure beats talking to a robot on the phone, right?

We handle your payroll every step of the way, including filing and paying taxes. All you have to do is send a spreadsheet of your hours and deductions (you can use Eddy’s time tracking feature for free if you’d like) and we take care of the rest.

Focus on your business’s big picture

Small business owners and HR professionals have enough to do without having to worry about payroll. Partnering with Eddy saves hours a week that can be invested in other important HR initiatives.

Worried that you’ll be left in the dark? Not with Eddy Payroll. Request online access to the payroll system to view all payroll reports and check stubs and to map your general ledger. 

Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

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Now I’ll never switch [payroll providers], and it’s not just because of the product, but the customer service. Our rep is irreplaceable. I wouldn’t care if I had the chance to save half by going to another company. To know that I can just email her with whatever questions I have or whatever report I might need…it’s fantastic.

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Payroll used to take me about five hours a week, which represents lost opportunities to do other things. Plus, dealing with [our previous provider’s] complicated software and always calling them to ask questions was a few more hours a week.

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[The best thing about Eddy] is that confidence that it provides to us, my husband and I as owners, and then to our staff that they know that their paychecks are correct and they have easy access to look at them.

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Wondering if Eddy-managed payroll is right for your company?

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