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Contribute to the world’s largest HR encyclopedia

Together, we are building the world’s largest (and best) encyclopedia of HR knowledge. Each entry is 1200-1800 words long and covers in-depth the what, why, and how of a topic.

As an HR Maverick, you can pick from a list of topics we haven’t covered yet and our content team will guide you through the process of writing an amazing article on it.

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Share your expertise on the podcast

We are building a collection of interviews that give listeners access to the minds of brilliant HR professionals and people leaders. Our weekly podcast features 20 minute discussions with experts on the HR-related topics everyone is thinking about.

As an HR Maverick, you can pitch us a topic that you’re passionate about and you just might be selected as our next guest.

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Talk shop in a panel discussion

We regularly bring together experts to break down some of the most fundamental topics in HR with our live-streamed panel series. Each discussion is 30 minutes long and published after recording on YouTube and in our HR encyclopedia.

As an HR Maverick, you can see what panels we’re planning next and participate in whichever ones are most interesting to you.

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Connect with others in the Slack group

We gather HR professionals of all experience levels in our Slack group to learn from and support each other. Each channel in Slack faciliates regular learning and networking experiences.

As an HR Maverick, you can visit Slack to expand your network, get your questions answered, and answer others’ as well.

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