We help local businesses with frontline workers build healthy, enduring companies.

The best companies know that their people are their most important assets and they invest in helping them excel. No matter the industry, the key for building a healthy, enduring business today is building an A+ team. 

But most local businesses still struggle to create an exceptional employee experience that helps to attract and retain the best workers. 

That’s why we created Eddy.

Eddy helps local businesses:

Hire reliable workers
to run your business

Retain workers through better company culture

Minimize business risk
and penalties

Travis Hansen

Our story: Where it all began

In 2011, when Travis Hansen retired from playing professional basketball, he never would have imagined he’d soon become the leader of an HR & payroll software company. But after founding a few small businesses and investing in others, he quickly realized how critical and yet difficult the “HR and people stuff” was to get right.

Travis experimented with countless HR & payroll solutions for his businesses, but everything he tried seemed to fall short in some way. So in true entrepreneur-fashion, Travis decided to build it himself. And just like that Eddy was born. 

While Eddy has come a long way since starting in 2017, Travis will be the first to tell you that we’re just at the beginning of this story.

Our People

It takes a village to raise a company. (Wait…Is that how it goes?) Meet some of the leaders, builders and brains behind Eddy.

Travis Hansen

Chief Executive Officer

Mindy Kirkman

Office Chef & Team Mom

Jason Perrenoud

Chief Operating Officer

Chelsey Sperry

Head of HR & Culture

But, wait… Who’s Eddy?

Eddy is named after Eddie Aikau, the famous Hawaiian big wave surfer and the first ever lifeguard at Waimea Bay. 

As a lifeguard, Eddie saved over 500 people without losing a single one. As a big wave surfer he won the 1977 Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championship as well as several other awards. 

Tragically, his life ended early at the age of 31. While traveling on a voyaging canoe about 12 miles off the coast of the Hawaiian islands, the ship capsized.

In an attempt to get help and save the rest of the crew, Eddie paddled toward shore on his surfboard. The crew was later rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard but Eddie was lost at sea.

After his death the phrase “Eddie Would Go” became popular among locals and surfing fans around the world. 

It also became one of our first core values at Eddy:

One of our core values:

“Eddie Would Go”—
We’re caring, empathetic and selfless. We do whatever needs to be done to serve and uplift our customers and each other.

We’re proud to share Eddie’s name and strive to emulate his bravery, selflessness, hard work, spirit of Aloha, and laid-back, island style.

E hoʻomaha me ka maluhia Eddie! 🤙 🏄‍♂️

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