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The employee experience at your company is like a mosaic; it’s made up of lots of tiny moments that form one big picture. The better you can make each moment, the better the big picture. The better the big picture, the higher retention will be. To improve this metric, it falls to you as an HR professional to make each interaction employees have with the company a great one. That’s where employee experience software like Eddy can help. Eddy can improve and streamline so many elements of the employee experience, from hiring to onboarding to payroll. Happier employees who stick around and less-stressed HR personnel: That’s the Eddy effect!

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Put your best foot forward from day one

The first interaction a prospective employee has with you is when they apply for a job. Eddy helps your company put its best foot forward, starting with that first moment. First, it lets you post listings to the most well-reputed job websites in one click, so you can easily reach the best candidates. Next, it offers you an easy-to-use, visual pipeline to move candidates through, which can send automatic messages to keep them in the loop.

You’ll be able to spend less time on the hiring process, and candidates will enjoy a smooth and transparent experience. It’s your first opportunity to impress a new hire, and Eddy makes it easy.

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Set up first days they’ll never forget

Onboarding is the next area where you’ll want to dazzle a new hire, and Eddy can help with that, too. First, onboarding with our employee experience software is completely digital. All documents a new employee needs to fill out can be signed virtually, and will be stored in Eddy for easy access in the future.

You can also set up a first-day checklist in their Eddy account so they know exactly what to do, and you can check their progress at any time. Overwhelming first days spent with stacks of paperwork are a thing of the past for both you and your new hires.

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Keep track of each unique, valuable employee

Part of providing a great employee experience is prioritizing their growth and development, and Eddy’s a great tool for this. Each employee in your organization will have a profile in Eddy where all their important information is stored. In a click or two, you can see all the details about their role, their compensation, their PTO and more.

There’s even a collaborative section where you and their manager can upload notes and documents about their performance, annual reviews and promotions. It’s the easiest way to keep track of each employee so they feel recognized, important and cared for as individuals.

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Spend less time managing time off

One of every employee’s favorite benefits is time off. It’s essential they have time to rest and recharge so they can be happier and more productive when they’re on the clock. That’s why managing PTO is a super important part of employee engagement and retention.

Employee experience software like Eddy makes it a breeze to manage. PTO requests can be submitted by them in a few clicks, and approved by you in a few more. Employees can log in any time to easily check their PTO balance without going through HR. You and managers can even view an auto-generated PTO calendar to see at a glance who’s in and who’s out on any given day.

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Show employees that they’re valued through perfect payroll

Of course, compensation is the most important benefit your employees receive. That’s why payroll is such a crucial part of your job. Employee engagement and retention are bound to suffer if your team members aren’t getting paid what they earn, to the penny and on time.

With Eddy, stressing about payroll becomes a thing of the past. Our team will take over the entire process from start to finish, every pay period. You can rest easy knowing this important process is handled, and your employees can feel confident that they’re valued at your organization.

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What is employee experience software?

The employee experience encompasses every aspect of a team member’s time with your company from start to finish. It begins the moment they see your job posting and includes every interaction and impression they get along the way. Employee experience software helps you manage and improve these interactions and impressions. It can increase communication and transparency and make employees feel connected and cared for. Plus, it can save you time in virtually every area of your job as an HR professional. Software like Eddy is the ticket to improving the employee experience at your company across the board.

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There are two main scenarios that cause HR professionals like you to look into this type of software. The first is when employees are unsatisfied with their jobs or workplace—when engagement is low and turnover is high. Software like Eddy can help increase communication, transparency and connectivity and help boost employee satisfaction and retention. The other scenario is when employees are generally satisfied, but you as the HR manager are overworked and overwhelmed. A solution like Eddy can help you keep things running smoothly with less stress.

In general, this type of software is priced for the types of companies it’s designed for. Solutions that are meant for huge corporations with thousands of employees will usually have a higher price point to match the functionalities that type of business will need. Solutions that are meant for smaller businesses are usually more affordable. That’s the category Eddy fits into; it’s designed for small, local businesses with mostly deskless employees, and it’s priced accordingly. Check out our pricing plans to see if Eddy might be the right fit for you.

It all depends on what you need out of a tool like this. Start by exploring the different functionalities that top HR solutions offer, and narrow them down based on what your particular company needs. Get to know the solutions that are left, including their culture and their pricing. If you’re interested in exploring Eddy as a potentially good fit for your business, get to know us! Check out our blog, our weekly podcast and our key features. When you’re ready, contact us for a personalized demo!

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