HCM software to keep track of your team

The happiest, most productive employees are the ones who feel valued. As an HR professional, they’re looking to you to provide this sense of care. The right HCM software can be your ticket to creating this atmosphere at your company—and that’s where Eddy comes in. From the moment an employee applies to your job posting, they’ll feel appreciated, welcomed and in the loop thanks to Eddy. Our HCM software empowers you to impress, care for and retain top talent over the long term—and all without breaking a sweat.

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Keep applicants in the loop—on autopilot

In this day and age, getting access to the best talent means standing out from other employers. With an HCM HR system like Eddy, standing out can start right away. Create a custom pipeline where you can drag and drop top candidates from one stage to the next, and view feedback from your colleagues on each one.

Set up automated stage actions so that moving a prospect from ‘applied’ to ‘interviewing,’ for example, automatically sends an interview-scheduling message to them. Their first impression of your company will be positive, and they’ll never know that you set up the entire process before your first coffee break.

Provide the warmest of welcomes to new hires

Your HCM management software can help you extend a new hire’s positive first impression into their first day and beyond. With Eddy, everything you need from an employee on their start date is organized and easy to find, all in one place.

Set up a checklist for them to work through, and check back on their progress whenever you like. Any documents they sign will be automatically stored digitally, accessible to you and them. With an HCM system like Eddy, first days are smooth sailing for everyone involved.

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Locate employee info in seconds

Think of cloud-based HCM solutions like a digital filing cabinet. Everything you could ever need to know about each employee is stored in software like Eddy.

Whether you need to verify their salary, find their exact job title, double check their PTO balance or look over notes from their last performance review, the information you need is a click or two away. Having it all readily available means nothing and no one ever falls through the cracks, and employees feel valued and cared for.

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Get back on track with time tracking

Say goodbye to punch cards and spreadsheets. Top HCM software solutions like Eddy come bundled with easy, streamlined time-tracking capabilities.

That means employees can clock in and out simply by logging into their Eddy account, and you can approve timesheets and overtime from yours in seconds. Let Eddy turn this tedious task into a breeze, for both you and your employees.

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‘Peace of mind’ and ‘Payroll’ now go together

If you never imagined you’d associate ‘peace of mind’ with ‘payroll,’ you’re not alone. Payroll is often one of the most stressful and disliked tasks on an HR professional’s plate.

Ready for some good news? When you become an Eddy customer, we’ll handle all payroll and taxes for all your employees from here on out. It’s a service that sets us apart from other SaaS HCM solutions: You’ll get accurate payroll on time, every time, without doing any of the work. 

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Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

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Before Eddy, I was working overtime. I was just so busy and had no time to get to other projects or do other parts of my job. With Eddy, I’ve gotten at least two hours a day back—I’m not even kidding.

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Having one software to have people clock in and/or out, request time off, recruit and sort through resumes… everything thus far has been super handy and making my job a whole lot easier!

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I like the full functionality of the software and that it’s very easy to use. It’s great for smaller or medium size businesses. I like the hiring, onboarding, people management and document filing. We recently implemented the payroll.

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What is HCM HR software?

HCM stands for Human Capital Management, so HCM software for HR professionals helps you manage the human capital in your organization. From sourcing talent to onboarding, training to paying, this type of software is an HR manager’s right hand when it comes to keeping track of employees and their needs.

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The HCM software out there today is typically a cloud-based interface designed to simplify and organize common HR tasks. However, they can differ widely on price and functionalities. Curious to see if Eddy would be a good fit for your organization’s needs? Request a personalized demo here. If you’d like to learn more about our community, check out our informative weekly HR podcast or our helpful blog. Want to see what people are saying about us? Take a peek at our reviews.

If your company has more than a couple of employees, an HCM platform is a good idea! The paperwork required for even five or six employees can rapidly become overwhelming. HCM software can help you keep everything organized and centralized, regardless of industry or company size.

The pricing for HCM software can vary widely. Different solutions have different pricing according to the features they offer and the types of clients they cater to. Pricing structures can also be very different from software to software. With Eddy, you’ll find that our pricing includes a low base fee and a small monthly charge per employee per month. That means it’s highly affordable for small, local businesses like yours.

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