An HRIS to manage your most important asset

Your company’s single most valuable asset: its people. The success of the organization relies on its employees, and the success of its employees relies on you. As an HR professional, you’re in charge of so much of the employee experience, from onboarding to payroll. HRIS management software like Eddy makes every aspect of this important responsibility easier. It’s a one-stop shop for any information you need to store or share about the people on your team, which means everything from hiring to compliance to reporting is centralized and streamlined in one easy-to-use platform. Your employees will feel taken care of, and you’ll get extra time back in your day.

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Source new hires in your sleep

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the hiring process! Between uploading job descriptions to multiple websites and tracking tons of candidates along a multi-step pipeline, hiring is a lot for one person to handle. The good news: The right HRIS makes it simple.

What is a good HRIS system? One that allows you to open job postings across top hiring websites in one click, seamlessly collaborate with colleagues on application review and interviews and automate interview scheduling and offer-letter sending. Hiring is lots less stressful when you’ve got the right tools.

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Let Eddy help dot your Is and cross your Ts

Compliance is another major part of any HR professional’s job. It falls to you to make sure everyone completes the right paperwork at the right time. If not, you and your company could end up in hot water. One purpose of an HRIS system is to make staying on top of all this a breeze.

See which employees have filled out which forms, and access digital copies from anywhere, at any time. If you need employees to have any type of certification, you can see this information too and get reminded when it’s time for them to renew. With Eddy, important things falling through the cracks becomes a problem of the past.

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Take a permanent vacation from managing vacation

Handling employee PTO is as easy as it gets with a human resources information system HRIS enterprise system like Eddy. Whatever PTO policy your company has, you can set it up in our system. Then, see at a glance how much PTO and sick time each employee has used, and approve requests in one click.

Plus, you can view all this information in calendar format so you’ll always know who’s in and who’s out. Seamlessly handle all PTO-related tasks with Eddy—your employees will appreciate it, and you’ll have one less thing to stress about.

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Toss those paper time cards

If you have hourly employees and are still using an outdated time-tracking system, it’s time to upgrade. An HRIS management system like Eddy has the power to automate the most tedious parts of this process, saving you and your employees time and hassle.

They can clock in and out through their individual Eddy accounts, and you can see and approve all the data with one click. Need to account for overtime, or view reports for the entire pay period? Click, click, done; Eddy makes it easy.

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Get on a roll with hassle-free payroll

Payroll is often one of the most time-consuming parts of an HR administrator’s job. Since it’s how employees receive their hard-earned money, it’s one of the most important for team happiness and morale, too.

HRIS systems like Eddy simplify the entire procedure from start to finish. Let our expert team take over payroll for you completely; after a one-time setup process to give us all the information we need, we’ll take it from there!

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What is an HRIS system?

HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System. An HRIS is a place where information about your most important resource—your employees—is stored. It’s smart software that takes the place of the paper files and filing cabinets of the past. To put it another way: An HRIS is a crucial tool that can make the lives of HR professionals lots easier.

A quality information system is now an indispensable tool for HR teams! An HRIS can help you increase productivity by streamlining and even automating key tasks. It can help you maintain compliance by storing details and documents about all your employees in one place. It can also provide a better experience for your team, giving them autonomy and offering transparency into important info about them and their jobs.

A fully loaded HRIS system like Eddy can help you with every major HR task on your plate. From hiring and onboarding to PTO and payroll, think of an HRIS like your command center for efficiently and effectively managing your entire team.

We believe that a great HRIS system is an asset to any HR professional or team in any industry. Eddy specifically works best for local businesses with smaller teams of mainly deskless employees. 

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