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You’re overwhelmed and overworked, and your employees are confused or out of the loop. Sound familiar? If this is your reality, it’s time to meet Eddy. We’re a people system that can help simplify and streamline your most tedious and complicated HR tasks—and our easy-to-use interface also makes life easier for your employees. They’ll be able to access all their most important information on their own, from anywhere, in just a click or two. Give yourself a break and give your employees a boost; let a people platform like Eddy take over some of the work!

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Source the best people for open roles

We don’t have to tell you; hiring is tough right now. If you’re like most HR professionals we talk to, you’d welcome some help. With Eddy, you can upload job postings to five top job sites in one click. You can boost ZipRecruiter posts in minutes without leaving our page.

Once you get candidates, move them from stage to stage by dragging and dropping, and set automated actions to be set in motion when you do so. Filling open job roles has never been easier.

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Getting new hires up to speed just got simpler

Most new hires walk in the door on their first day with a mix of excitement and nerves. Don’t turn their enthusiasm into boredom by greeting them with a huge stack of papers to fill out!

With Eddy, the entire onboarding process is digital. Create a checklist ahead of time so employees always know what they need to do next. They can sign all the necessary forms digitally so you both can access a copy any time and from anywhere in the future. Get Eddy to start creating better, smoother and more fun first days.

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Keep track of every employee’s every detail

Before people systems like Eddy, locating a detail about an employee (their birthday, their salary level, the date of their last annual review) involved digging through a cabinet of paper files. Now, it’s as simple as a click or two.

Everything you’ll ever need to know about anyone in the org is at your fingertips with Eddy. Each employee has a page in your virtual directory, which you and their manager can access at any time. People management with Eddy means less hassle—and definitely fewer papercuts.

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Manage PTO without the headaches

Regular opportunities for rest and vacation are crucial for the mental health of your employees. That’s why properly managing their PTO is one of your most important responsibilities.

If your people system doesn’t let you approve PTO requests or view balances in a click or two, it’s letting you down! Eddy lets you do all of the above—plus, you can create your own custom PTO policy, and view a calendar with everyone’s days off all in one view. Keeping track of who’s on and who’s on vacation is now a piece of cake.

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Put payroll stress behind you

When asked what their most stressful routine task is, lots of HR professionals say “payroll” without skipping a beat. It’s an incredibly important task for employee happiness, and it’s often complicated when it comes to overtime, taxes for different states, and all the other tiny but crucial details.

So we think you’ll be excited to know that becoming an Eddy customer means payroll is off your plate forever! Let our expert team take over every piece of the process, so you can get perfect payroll every time without lifting a finger.

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Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

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Eddy is user friendly, clean, not cluttered, and has the features that we needed the most – time tracking, time off management, important document management/storage. It has a simple employee portal that’s easy to use.

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One main place to organize all employees and keep things running smoothly. I would highly recommend for the simple reason that they are willing to work and grow with our company.

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I like the full functionality of the software and that it’s very easy to use. It’s great for smaller or medium size businesses. I like the hiring, onboarding, people management and document filing. We recently implemented the payroll.

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What is a people platform?

A people platform is software that helps you manage the employees in your organization. Also known as an HRIS (human resources information system) or talent management system, this type of digital interface empowers HR professionals to do their jobs better and in less time. People platforms typically help HR admins with tasks like hiring, onboarding, tracking time, approving PTO and running payroll.

As an HR professional, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Everything from filling open roles to making sure current employees are happy falls to you. A people system can help you manage all these tasks more efficiently. This type of software can automate many routine duties partly or completely, saving you time. It can also empower employees to be more informed about their own jobs, time off, compensation, etc., leading to less work for you and a more autonomous, satisfied team.

In general, any high-quality people platform can save HR professionals hours of time each week. So if you’re overwhelmed by a to-do list that just seems to keep growing, this type of software is for you. It’s also a smart choice if you’re concerned about compliance when it comes to employee certifications, time off or compensation. A people system can help you make sure nothing and no one falls through the cracks at your organization.

It all depends on the software you choose! Each one is made for different types of companies and use cases. Eddy, for instance, was designed for smaller, local businesses with mainly deskless employees. It’s priced accordingly, to be affordable for these types of companies. Take stock of what your particular type of business needs in a people platform, and then look at the pricing for top options to see which would be a good fit. Think Eddy might be the one? Check out our pricing.

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