Drowning in a sea of data? Employee data management software can help!

Regardless of your business or industry, your job as an HR professional requires you to collect lots of data and details about every single employee. From birth dates and home addresses to emergency contacts and salary information, there’s a lot to keep track of. If something falls through the cracks, you could become non-compliant with laws or industry regulations, employees could miss out on pay or benefits and you could lose lots of sleep with the stress of it all.

That’s where an employee management system like Eddy comes in handy. Our easy-to-use software lets you store each and every detail about all your employees, all in one place. You can access everything from anywhere in a single click. No more drowning in paper documents, or starting a search party when an employee or regulatory agency asks to see a particular document. It’s all easily accessible in Eddy.

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Stop scrambling to keep track of applicants

Getting a flood of applicants on a job posting can be a blessing and a curse. It’s great to have plenty of options, but managing all of these candidates and their details can be a tall order. Employee information software helps you keep track of it all.

An applicant tracking system (ATS) like Eddy’s lets you drag and drop individual candidates from one stage to the next as you and your team start narrowing things down. It’s an easier, more visual way to see where everyone is at. Plus, you can set up automated stage actions to, say, let the candidate schedule an interview or automatically send off an offer letter when you bump someone to the next stage. Eddy keeps track of all the important applicant data for you.

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Offer the most organized first day ever

There’s a lot you need to get done on a new hire’s first day. Let staff management software help you keep everything organized. With Eddy, you can set up first-day checklists so new employees know exactly what to do with their time.

They can even sign all their documents—from NDAs to tax forms—digitally, right within the platform. That way, you avoid stacks of paper and you have copies of the signed docs in Eddy for future reference. Disorganized first days are officially a thing of the past.

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Access every single detail in a click or two

Digging through a filing cabinet has to be one of the most inefficient ways to locate employee information—ever. If you don’t have all the details about all your employees stored digitally, you’re missing out on so much glorious free time! With Eddy, everyone in your organization has a digital file.

Find it in seconds by typing in their name. Once you’re there, you can find everything from their job title and compensation information to their PTO balance and the notes from their last performance review. Plus, they can access their own important details too. No more wasting time telling people how many days off they have left this year or what time they clocked out last week. It’s all in Eddy for you or them to view at any time.

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Approve every minute in less than a minute

Do your employees track time by clocking in and out for each shift? If so, you’ve got more data coming in every few hours, each and every day. That means even more details for you to keep track of.

Use an online employee management system to streamline the entire process. Set overtime policies to automatically apply to all time tracked—no more tedious, manual calculations. Then, view and approve timesheets in one or two clicks. You spend less time bogged down in the details, and your employees get paid for every minute they worked, every time.

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Stay compliant with way less effort

Does your industry require your employees to have certain certifications? If so, keeping track of who has theirs and whose is about to expire is a job all on its own. With employee database software like Eddy, this task becomes a much tinier slice in the pie chart of your time spent.

Copies of all certifications can be stored in Eddy, and it can even notify you when someone needs to renew theirs. It’s the easiest way to avoid consequences for accidentally falling out of compliance because of a simple oversight.

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[Eddy] has really given me the tools to be a more efficient and, honestly, a better employee.

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I have been really happy with the Eddy program. Eddy has helped me to keep our employees up to date on the documents required for our licensing. Eddy is a good source for our employees to find the documents they need for their jobs and referral. We have used Eddy for hiring, it has streamlined that process and saved us a lot time.

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Installing and getting employees used to a new software is challenging, but Eddy’s team were amazing. They have continued to help us through the process and as a new team ourselves, they’ve been patient and helpful when we have shifted our needs during the process.

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What is employee data management software?

To hire an employee, you’ve got to collect a lot of details. If you don’t have an easy way to store and access all this information for each person, you’re likely to get overwhelmed, fast. Plus, you’ll be more at risk for compliance violations and employee dissatisfaction. Employee data management software helps you stay on top of the many little details you need to keep track of for everyone on your team.

More about employee data management

Ever driven yourself crazy searching high and low for a particular detail or document about a particular employee? Ever felt overwhelmed at the prospect of gathering required information from a new hire? If either of these sounds familiar, an employee management system app would be a wise investment. Keeping tabs on all these details for all these people is a big ask for one HR person. Let a solution like Eddy help!

This type of software replaces all your paper files and filing cabinets, allowing you to access all their contents much more easily online. It gives you a ready-to-use framework to keep track of all the important employee details. You’ll be on top of everything you need to be, and you’ll save time in the process. That’s the power of employee details management software like Eddy!

Cost is a big factor when choosing a new software solution, especially if your organization is on the smaller side. It also varies widely depending on the type of software and the functionalities it offers. To learn more about what Eddy offers, get an overview here. To see if we’re compatible with your budget, check out our pricing.

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