Cure HR overwhelm with modern HR software

HR is the glue that holds any great organization together—which means a lot of pressure on you. If you’re feeling frazzled or frustrated by all the people-management duties on your plate, it’s time to try Eddy. Our modern HR software can help you streamline, organize and automate so many of the tasks that have you feeling overwhelmed, from hiring to onboarding to payroll. And don’t worry—it’ll take you less time to get the hang of our intuitive, visual interface than it would to sort through that mountain of papers on your desk!

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Fill open positions at lightning speed

No more paper resumes passed from desk to desk, and no more tedious back-and-forth scheduling. Hiring doesn’t get more automated than this! Here’s how it works: Post open roles to top job sites with a single click. View, rate and track applicants virtually with your colleagues. Let the software auto-schedule interviews and fire off offer letters when you’re ready. Go from open role to awesome hire in a matter of clicks with our all-in-one HR system.

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Onboarding is about to be off your plate

New hires should be greeted with a smile, a handshake and maybe their choice of donut—not with a stack of paper forms to fill out. With our cloud-based HR platform, onboarding is digital, streamlined and simple. They’ll feel welcomed and at ease on their first day; you’ll feel organized and calm, knowing that everything you need from your new employee is signed and stored, safe and sound, right there in Eddy.

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Focus on people, not paper

Paper files and spreadsheets have nothing on our human resource management software. With Eddy, every employee in your organization has their own digital profile. That means everything from contact information to job titles to salary details to performance notes are always at your fingertips. Access documents, approve PTO requests and much more for any employee in a matter of seconds. Tell your paper personnel files we said ‘Bye’!

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Ready to give up the role of doing payroll?

We don’t have to tell you: Payroll is one of the most complex tasks an HR professional has to handle. If payroll deadlines, accuracy, compliance and taxes have got you down, here’s some good news: The Eddy team is ready to take over all of the above.

When you become an Eddy customer, our expert team is at the ready to completely take over all your payroll tasks. We’ll guide you through handing over the information, and they’ll take it from there. Start planning what you’ll do with all that extra free time—a well-deserved vacation, perhaps?

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Clock out from the stress of time-tracking

Raise your hand if you inherited a complicated or outdated employee time-tracking system! When you switch to Eddy, it all becomes digitized and easy to use. Employees can clock in and out through their individual Eddy accounts, so all you have to do is approve their timesheets in one click. Overtime calculations and pay period reports are seconds away, too. HR software for tracking time is an admin’s best friend!

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Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

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An incredible company with absolutely incredible customer service. Can’t believe the difference that it’s made having their HR software!

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The Company is wonderful to work with for all your HR needs. They are on top of every request and question I have about the system. EddyHR is extremely easy to learn and implement for you and your employees. It’s a great tool for any small to medium size company. They are continually adding new and incredible features to their system. I love it and would tell anyone to use it.

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The biggest asset Eddy adds to the company as a whole is bringing everyone together. It’s helped us create the community we’ve always wanted, and work on things like improving culture and knowledge and professional development. It gives the company a sense of professionalism; it feels like we’ve reached a new echelon with the addition of Eddy. We’ve been around for a while, but now it’s real—now it feels like we have it together and it gives the company the opportunity to grow and scale.

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What is HR Software?

Modern HR software is the hardworking assistant every HR professional needs. It takes you from a tedious, paper-based past into a streamlined, digital future. In other words, it’s a set of online tools that are designed to simplify and automate common HR tasks to help make your job easier.

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If you’re looking to save time and energy in your day-to-day HR duties, the answer is yes! The right online HR system will help you juggle all the tasks on your roster more easily, and can even take some of them off your plate entirely. Tools like Eddy can save you hours of time each week, reduce your stress and reconnect you with your enthusiasm and excitement for your job.

Software for HR professionals varies in cost depending on the specific tools you need and the size of your company. A solution like Eddy, for example, is primarily designed for smaller, local businesses. That’s why our pricing includes a low base fee and a small monthly charge per employee per month. In other words, the cost of using software like Eddy is typically very affordable for small but mighty teams like yours.

Choosing HR management software is a big decision. That’s why we have all kinds of resources to help you decide if Eddy is right for you. Want a personalized demo? Request one here. Looking to see what being a member of our community is like? Check out our weekly HR podcast or our helpful blog. Want to read what people are saying about us? Take a look at our reviews or case studies.

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