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As an HR professional, you know that good people operations means treating employees with the same care that you treat customers. Look after your staff, and they’ll look after the company. People operations software like Eddy empowers you to do this in the most effective and stress-free way possible. From the moment a candidate applies through to their first day and beyond, Eddy helps you provide a helpful, warm and memorable experience to every employee at every step of the way.

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Let Eddy keep applicants in the loop

There’s no shortage of great jobs and great companies out there today, so you’ve got to stand out if you want to get the best applicants. That means transparency and communication are key. Move candidates through stages within Eddy’s ATS pipeline, and the rest is on autopilot.

Thanks to automated stage actions, you can schedule an interview or send an offer letter automatically when you move a candidate from one hiring phase to the next. You’ll barely have to lift a finger to impress applicants with quick and seamless communication—just leave it to Eddy.

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Make their first day memorable

Start a new hire’s experience with your company on a high note. Get them set up in Eddy beforehand, and send them a welcome message with crucial first-day info. When they arrive, they can move through their digital checklist of onboarding tasks on their own.

Need them to sign tax forms, contracts or other paperwork? They can do it all digitally in Eddy, and each document will be stored there for both you and them to access forever. Eddy helps make first days seamless and enjoyable for employees and for you.

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Empower employees to stay informed

With Eddy, you’ll have your own login—and each of your employees will, too. That means they can access important information any time and from anywhere, including compensation and role details, PTO status, company policies and more.

Eddy helps you empower your employees to access everything they’ll ever need to know about their job without having to go through HR. The result: autonomous, informed employees and extra free time for you.

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Let us handle payroll from start to finish

No matter how much your employees love their jobs, they’ve all got bills to pay. Compensation is a crucial part of people operations, which is why we’ve built it right into our people operations software.

We’ll handle your payroll from start to finish, every pay period. Our expert team will take care of everything, from paychecks to taxes. Eddy takes this big responsibility off your plate and makes sure your employees get paid properly and on time, every time.

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Protect your company and employees with training tracking

If you work in an industry where trainings or certifications are required for employees, compliance has to be your top priority. Since both your company and your employees can be at risk if you’re not compliant, keeping track of who is and isn’t certified is important.

That’s where people operations software like Eddy comes in. Use our training tracking feature to store digital copies of each person’s certificates, and get automatic reminders when it’s time for them to renew. Compliance with industry or government regulations just got easier.

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Trusted by hundreds of local businesses everywhere.

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You have no idea what this is going to do for us. Eddy is out here changing lives!

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The Company is wonderful to work with for all your HR needs. They are on top of every request and question I have about the system. EddyHR is extremely easy to learn and implement for you and your employees. It’s a great tool for any small to medium size company. They are continually adding new and incredible features to their system. I love it and would tell anyone to use it.

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The biggest benefit Eddy provides for me in my role is just being able to manage time without actually having to manage time and think about it. I personally have ADHD, so for me, time management can be challenging. Having a tool like Eddy allows me to feel successful. To have that feeling in work is really rewarding and makes me happier as an employee.

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What is people operations software?

People operations includes typical HR functions like hiring and compensation, but it’s so much more than that. It’s human resources with a specific focus on employee happiness. That means people operations software is a tool that helps you provide the best employee experience possible. Not only will a solution like Eddy save you time, but it’ll make it easier for you to keep employees engaged, informed and empowered in their jobs.

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Software like Eddy does two things: It helps keep your employees happy and satisfied, and it makes your life easier. We think it’s a no-brainer! From posting jobs to onboarding to payroll, Eddy simplifies and streamlines every major HR task. That way, you’ll have more time for team-building and culture projects, and your employees will enjoy a transparent, empowering workplace experience.

The answer to this question depends entirely on the size of your organization and the features you need. Each people operations tool has different functionalities that cater to different types of businesses. Eddy, for example, is designed especially for smaller, local businesses with deskless employees, and is priced accordingly. Take a look at our pricing to see if Eddy might be the right choice for you.

In today’s job market, employers need to do everything they can to stand out and be attractive to potential and current employees. A tool like Eddy can provide a consistent, streamlined work experience where employees feel informed and empowered. Plus, it takes hours of work off the plates of HR professionals like yourself. It’s what we in the industry call a win-win!

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